Color Palette

Our color palette is made of nine very earthy tones and we dye our fabrics with the same colored plant based fabric dyes as shown below on the palette.

These might look slightly different on different fabrics and also on different batches because two different fabrics usually do not retain colors in a similar fashion even when dyed by using very similar steps. Environmental factors like temperature, humidity, pH and radiation are also known to affect the dying process as all our fabrics are hand dyed in natural environments and not all days are the same. Therefore, two different batches of same color may also slightly vary, it is normal for clothes made out of natural fabrics to show such nature. The color you see in your gadget screen might also sometimes not justify the color of fabrics you receive because colors look different on different gadget screens. These images are taken on light-controlled environment and so, the color on images might look different from when you look at real fabric through your eyes.

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