How can I return/ exchange the product I just received?

Please message our Customer Support Team at support@yetiaesthetics.com within 24 hours of you receiving your parcel on why you want to return/ exchange the product. We’ll be happy to exchange (shipping charges will incur) or we can provide you with partial refund (50%) or full store credits instead of a full refund. However, do check with our Customer Support Team if you are eligible for a full return.

Why are your garments on the pricier side?

We are a company whose core values include sustainability (or you could also say slow-fashion). We pay our workers a living wage and our garments are all ethically sourced. They are harvested and loomed by hands of rural farmers of Nepal and thus, our initial cost of fabrics comes to be on the pricier side. Also, we do not mass produce our garments meaning your clothes are made only after you order them to be made and since your clothing is individually made and hand dyed using natural plant based dyes, they can look on a more pricier side when compared to fast fashion brands who mass-produce garments and use synthetic dyes on fabrics and do not pay their workers a living wage.

What is made-to-order?

Commonly mistaken for meaning customizations, this simply means that a garment is not made until an order has been placed for it.

Why are you a made-to-order company?

We are a company having sustainability as their core value. Being made-to-order reduces waste (we don’t overproduce inventory or cut into materials that aren’t needed as it is not good for the planet) it also keeps our capital investment costs low, and allows us to offer a wide variety of styles and sizes that other inventory-based companies can’t afford to offer. This way, we do not have to compromise on quality and finishing because we don’t produce our products en-masse. Because we don’t cut into fabric and produce a garment until it’s ordered, we’re able to be much more flexible with our collection and we’re not in the guessing game of predicting demand. There is also a pretty magical quality about not expending precious material and human energy until another human has said they want and will use the object, and we don’t ever want to lose that connection with consumption.

Do you have a physical store?           

No we do not have a physical store or a showroom, we are an online business.

Do you offer price adjustments?

We are not able to offer price adjustments or discount codes at this time; however, we do offer price adjustments in the form of store credit if an item purchased for full retail price on our website goes on sale within 14 days of purchase. Send our Customer Relations Team an email at support@yetiaesthetics.com , and we will be more than happy to help.

Can I change my order after it’s been placed?

We want your Yeti garment to fit perfectly into your wardrobe, so if you’d like to change your size or color we’re happy to help. We would recommend writing us an email within 3 hours of order confirmation. As long as our team has not started on your order, there is still time to make changes to your order. Write an email to us at support@yetiaesthetics.com as soon as you can. 

Can you rush ship my order?

Good things take time. As a made-to-order company, we are unable to rush produce orders. Unlike traditional companies that produce inventory en masse and make that inventory available to purchase, we don’t begin producing a garment until a customer has placed their order. Therefore, your orders can not be rush shipped.

Can I re-adjust my shipping address on the order?

Yes you can re-adjust your shipping address on the order unless your order is dispatched for delivery. After it has been dispatched, we no longer have access to edit your shipping address.

Am I responsible for paying customs fees when my order arrives?

Customs and import duties are levied by the receiving country and are therefore the buyer’s responsibility. We know these fees can oftentimes come as a surprise, so get a heads up about your country’s customs fees with a quick online search before purchasing. We are also unable to mark packages as gifts which might give you a slight relief but at what cost? It is illegal to do so.

I am afraid the garments might not exactly fit me. Can I provide you with my measurements instead?

No, we would love to do that for you but there’s a high possibility of mistake or mishap happening if this service is provided. So, we’d advice you to rather buy a size larger than your body measurements if you’re unsure and befriend your tailor to get all of your garments fit your body very well, it will make a big difference in your style so we’d love if you take the advice instead. However, if you happen to have special needs, please feel free to email our Customer Support Team at support@yetiaesthetics.com we’ll be happy to try and help as much as we can.

How do I care for my garment? Is it dry clean only?

Care instructions are listed under the detail pages of each fabric in our website on how to care for your garments. Pretty much all of our garments can be washed and dried in your washing machine at home. We pre-wash and dry every piece before it is shipped to you which means by the time it arrives at your doorstep, your piece has been pre-shrunk and will remain more or less the same size after you wash it at home. We always recommend washing your Yeti garments with like colors using cold water. If you want to take good care of your natural fabric clothing and want them to last, we recommending not using tumble dryer and letting your garment be in shade for some hours to naturally air dry.

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